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cats all over my shit today

#me #cats
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Anonymous : are you eloping

Not sure yet.

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Anonymous : whats happening

I’m getting married :3

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Ordered myself a new birth certificate and Jay’s got his wedding band now >.> it’s happening, wowie

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Anonymous : Who does your hair

I do, mostly. My fiance helps with the back.

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I gave my cat a pink streak.

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this show is so fucking real

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Dear entitled boys who want to snatch Sailor Moon from girls the same way Bronies did with MLP:



Naoko Takeuchi never gave a fuck about you.

She made Sailor Moon for girls, about girls, and of course it’s by a girl. Those are her own words. Basically she said that it’s okay for boys to be fans of Sailor Moon but that she didn’t create it thinking of them, they’re not the audience she considered in the least, and it’s not about boys. Not even a little bit.

The only male character that’s a constant through the entire series and isn’t a villain is Mamoru. His role is as the protagonist’s boyfriend, then husband, and father of Chibiusa. And he plays that role with pride and lets Usagi take all of the spotlight. He’s a love interest, and a father. She’s the hero, along with the other girls.

That should be a hint to you.

Trying to fucking call girls fake Sailor Moon fans is the most ridiculous thing any of you can do, for these reasons.

Sailor Moon is ours, Naoko Takeuchi made it for us. Fake geek boys, back off.

you do know what this post is doing right? It’s doing the same thing the way comic fan boys shun girls on reading their beloved marvel/dc whatever.

As much as discrimination girls have experienced on being taken seriously in pop culture and other stuff, you are going to do it to the next person?

Can’t we just have a community in a fandom where there is no gender divide? We are individuals who want equality I would assume, so why are we shunning people if we want to come together and be equals? This kind of work, and others who are like these should not be solely entitled to one gender or another. 

I love Sailor Moon, but this mentality is not the way to go, this is a bad start.

If you give a fanboy an inch, he’ll take a mile. I’m tired of geekdom being a boy’s club. We need stuff that’s ours.

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